Why Facebook Ads?

Here Are Top 6 Reasons On Why To Use
Facebook Ads:

  1. Laser targeting specific audiences, you can target audience based on their ages, gender, interests (even multiple interests same time), behavior and demographics.
  2. Comparing to other forms of advertising, Facebook has the lowest cost to advertise. Depending on the audiences and countries, you can reach up to 1,000 people for just $5 spent!
  3. You can engage with your audience right away while your ad is being displayed to them.
  4. Facebook can increase your sales by around 1-4, in which every $1 spent you can expect $4 back in return.
  5. Facebook has live metrics, you can keep track of the results regarding your ad on a day to day basis, knowing which ad to increase budget and which ad to stop.
  6. You can retarget anyone who visited your website from the ad, and also retarget those who watched at least 2 seconds of your video.