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We’re not only passionate about paid ads and SEO, but we  also invest in a long-term partnership with our clients that helps deliver real results through conversion optimized design and user experience. We will work with you to create a landing page you love that also drives you the results you need.

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Before we start designing anything, we make sure our team understands your business and your audience. In order to optimize landing pages to your audience, we need to know your audience. What do your visitors look like? What are they trying to find on your landing page? What information do they need? We look at customer reviews, heatmaps for previous or existing page, competitor analysis and more.

Now that we have a good understanding of who your audience is and what they need, we create a strategy that is in line with your overall marketing strategy. Understanding what a conversion looks like and at what rate we need visitors to convert is really important to the design and final layout of your landing page. At this point, we may work with other members of your disruptive marketing team to make sure expectations, goals, and strategies are aligned.

After finalizing a strategy and finding the content we need for the page to be successful, we will build out the final landing page. We use a combination of best practices, case studies in the industry, and good old-fashion intuition to create a landing page specifically created for your target audience in your marketing campaign. It's important for us to create pages that perfectly balance quality design, maintained brand identity, user experience, and conversion-optimized design.

A/B testing is a critical part of creating a high-converting landing page. There is a lot we can research and predict about how your visitors will behave on a landing page, but it's impossible to know what exactly will perform best right out of the gate. Plus, visitor behaviors and audiences change over time and the best performing page last year, might not be the best performing page this year. That’s why we continue to test variants and analyze results to continue learning more about how visitors are responding on the page and ultimately increase conversion rates and sales.

Landing Page Testing

When someone first reaches your landing page, we want to squash any potential threat that’d otherwise provoke anxiety in the website visitor ultimately causing them to bounce. We know what makes your landing pages establish trust from the first load by ensuring the forms feel secure and that you have appropriate trust symbols existing on key places across the page.

Your CTAs need to be on point. They should be clear and stimulating to potential buyers so they not only know exactly what they need to do but also feel compelled to further explore your offer. CTA buttons should clearly communicate what happens when they click the button; Our testing strategies help you determine not only which CTAs convert the most traffic but also other considerations like button size, color, and placement. You’d be surprised at the conversion rate differences we see in subtle elements such as these.

You’ve heard the adage – content is king. Whether or not that’s true, we can all agree it’s a pretty big deal. Your content needs to reinforce the core message and add supporting evidence. It should be easy to digest, uncluttered, adding value, and building excitement. There are different sections of content that you should consider and know what’s most effective to have in those areas.

Ultimately website usability is important because it’s about customer service. The goal of any successful organization or business professional is to meet their customer’s expectations and needs as quickly and dependably as possible. From the user’s point of view, great usability can make the users complete the conversion tasks accurately and operate your landing pages with a pleasant mood rather than feeling stupid or overwhelmed… which typically leads to them bouncing.

If you want to improve your conversion rates, knowing how to leverage urgency is one of the most important tactics to master. The reason we all feel the urge to grab deals or contact a seller is psychological. This plays on the fact that urgent situations push us to act and also that urgency evokes loss aversion, which we as marketers call FOMO (the fear of missing out). We don’t want to miss a great opportunity, especially if others are grabbing it. Are you leveraging this on your landing pages?

Once we’ve determined which elements fall short in our page analysis, we rank them based on likely impact and run statistically significant split tests to determine which levers should be pulled and how much they’ll impact the bottom line.

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